Driving Packages

After all the thought, time, and care you’ve taken to design your custom Volvo, picking up your new world-class driving machine should be more than a simple exchange—it should be celebrated with an adventure of a lifetime. So don’t just head back home once your hands are on the wheel, experience Scandinavia in true immersive fashion and hit the highway in your new Volvo.

We’ve curated a collection of incredible driving experiences and packages to help you get the most out of your Volvo Overseas Delivery Program. From stunning coastline drives that wind through Swedish archipelagos and beautiful nature adventures in Denmark to grand tours of impressive architecture and centuries-old castles, our packages ensure your experience is one you won’t forget.

Danish Getaway (4 Nights)

Once you take delivery of your new Volvo, drive three hours to Helsingør, Denmark, for a quick getaway to one of the country’s most beautiful coastal cities. Spend the next three days on an exhilarating road trip back to Gothenburg, enjoying scenic views and beautiful landscapes. Gothenburg appeals with its urban chic and port city swagger and is known for its fantastic eateries, pubs, museums, historic sights, and cultural attractions.

Swedish Archipelago Discovery (4 Nights)

Enjoy five days of spectacular coastline views along the shores of Sweden, and take in the sites of two of its most beautiful archipelagos. Start with a one-hour drive to must-see Marstrand, Sweden’s sailing capital with quaint neighborhoods and a fascinating history. Then spend a couple of nights in Grebbestad, the renowned-for-its-seafood harbor town where the majority of Nordic lobster and oysters are landed

The Best of 3 Kingdoms (10 Nights)

This grand tour whisks you away on an adventure to see the best of Scandinavia! Start your trip-of-a-lifetime in Oslo, Norway, and then venture through some of the greatest natural sights in Sweden before ending your whirlwind experience in Copenhagen, Denmark. The diamond of this experience is the Eriksberg Lodge! Close to nature and a touch of wilderness, the Lodge also offers the modern comforts you expect.

Castle and Manor Houses (6 Nights)

Step back in time and see the awe-inspiring castles and manor houses of Scandinavia, where royalty and powerful families once lived and ruled. Castle hop your way across the region and imagine what it was like to live as a monarch. You’ll find each of these stately properties in beautiful surroundings with views to match.

Young Vikings (4 Nights)

This trip is for the young and the young at heart. Begin your adventure in Helsingborg, Sweden, at one of the city’s most classic hotels, just steps away from shopping, dining, and the ferry to Denmark. Once in Denmark, check in at the 4-starHotel LEGOLAND®, also known as the funniest land ever. Later, see the ancient city of Copenhagen, full of historic buildings, royal castles, and plenty of attractions to keep even the most eager tourist busy.

Relaxation & Stockholm (2 Nights)

Short on time but still want an experience optimized for maximum memories? Spend two nights in Sweden’s largest city, Stockholm, while chilling close to nature in front of Lake Mälaren. One of the most beautiful capitals in the world, Stockholm isbuilt on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The buildings, cutting-edge design, hip style, fresh air, and proximity to the water are distinctive traits of this city.

Relaxation & Gothenburg (2 Nights)

Escape the hustle and bustle after taking delivery of your brand-new Volvo, and let yourself be enchanted by the fresh air and steep cliffs that descend into the fjord, beautiful beaches, and the dense forest that embrace these magical destinations. Reinvigorate at one of the finest spa hotels on Sweden’s west coast, and relax in themiddle of a nature reserve on the Gullmarsfjord in Bohuslän.