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Looking for inspiration to fuel the next amazing stop in your experience? Our city guides paint a picture of some of Sweden’s most beloved cities—Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Gothenburg. Scroll through the guides below and learn more about each destination’s unique personality. 


Even though Gothenburg is the second-largest city in the country, it still breathes small-town charm and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. The sea and nature are just around the corner and you can reach the idyllic archipelago in no time. At the same time, the city offers everything you could possibly expect from a modern destination, and most major tourist attractions are within walking distance.


With the mountains and the sea enhancing its innovative architecture, Oslo is a modern capital with a unique Nordic feeling. With plenty of state-of-the-art-museums looking back at the city’s ancient past and cultural heritage, a cityscape scattered with artworks and green areas just a step away from the bustling centre, Oso is one of the most appealing urban destinations in the North.


Stockholm, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The buildings, cutting-edge design, hip style, the fresh air and the proximity to the water are distinctive traits of this city. Ekoparken, the first National City Park in the world, is a green space that breathes for the city, and a constant presence in the crush of the city. With its 750 year history and rich cultural life, Stockholm offers a wide selection of world-class museums and attractions. Most of the city’s attractions can be reached on foot, and there’s a good chance of experiencing a lot of things in a short time. Experience big-city life, the history of civilization and natural scenery, all in the course of the same day.


Copenhagen is an ancient city, full of beautiful historic buildings and many points of interest. The ramparts and walls surrounding the centre of the city were demolished around the middle of the nineteenth century. This allowed the city to assume the peculiar architectural structure characterized by narrow stone streets that lead directly to the city centre and which are the background to numerous shops and bars.

Driving Packages

Danish Getaway (4 Nights)

Once you take delivery of your new Volvo, drive three hours to Helsingør, Denmark, for a quick getaway to one of the country’s most beautiful coastal cities. Spend the next three days on an exhilarating road trip back to Gothenburg, enjoying scenic views and beautiful landscapes. Gothenburg appeals with its urban chic and port city swagger and is known for its fantastic eateries, pubs, museums, historic sights, and cultural attractions.

Swedish Archipelago Discovery (4 Nights)

Enjoy five days of spectacular coastline views along the shores of Sweden, and take in the sites of two of its most beautiful archipelagos. Start with a one-hour drive to must-see Marstrand, Sweden’s sailing capital with quaint neighborhoods and a fascinating history. Then spend a couple of nights in Grebbestad, the renowned-for-its-seafood harbor town where the majority of Nordic lobster and oysters are landed

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