Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the increase volume of new and COVID impacted orders we are handling Clients and responding to emails/calls by Delivery Date.

COVID-19 Information

What does the program include?
  • 2 round trip airline tickets (SAS Preferred airline) Premium Economy
  • 1 Hotel Night at the Clarion Hotel Post located in the Central Square of Gothenburg. Includes a full buffet breakfast
  • Repeat OSD Clients receive 2 Nights at the Clarion Hotel Post
  • 1 Dinner for two at the Michelin rated Norda Grille at the Hotel Post – owned by Chef Marcus Samuelsson
  • Private Airport / Hotel / Factory Delivery Center transfers (while taking delivery in Gothenburg only)
  • 15 days vehicle registration and insurance if you want to drive your new car.
  • Home Shipment back to your local Volvo Retailer – which includes all duty/taxes and import charges (if dropping off in Gothenburg)
    • We’ll take care of all paperwork and import duties before we ship your new Volvo home (Vehicles dropped at locations other than Gothenburg will incur an additional fee). Home Shipment Brochure
What is the planning process?

It takes up to 14 business days for ADTRAV to receive your information once your paperwork is finalized. Once your information is received, ADTRAV will contact you to schedule a Consultation Appointment. During this appointment, they can go over flight options, travel options, offers, and more.

  • Our Advisors work by Consultation Only. If you are emailing or calling us to get your travel plans started please know that we are unable to assist you with your travel plans until your scheduled Consultation.
  • Due to the increased volume of Clients we are prioritizing Clients by Delivery Date. If your scheduled consultation is not within 4 weeks of your Delivery Date we are unable to change your consultation date.
  • If you have a Consultation coming up please ensure that your delivery date AND drop off location have been confirmed by Volvo. Our goal is to assist you with travel plans as soon as we can. Unconfirmed delivery dates and drop off locations cause delays. If you have questions about your delivery date or drop off location you can work with your Volvo Sales Associate or email
  • We are unable to assist any orders that have not been finalized by Volvo and sent into our system. This includes you needing to sign your final paperwork. Once your final paperwork has been signed it can take 2-3 weeks for us to receive your order information. Once received we will send you an email to get the travel planning process started. This will include asking you to complete a Client Profile Form and schedule the correct Consultation type.
  • If you are getting an email saying we are still waiting for more information it is because you have either NOT completed your Client Profile Form or scheduled your consultation. Please go back to your email and click on the option that have yet to complete. 
Can I upgrade my seats?

Yes. You will be responsible for any amount over the Volvo authorized amount.

What if I need more than 2 tickets?
  • You are welcome to exchange your 2 Premium Economy tickets for Economy tickets to help lower the cost of each ticket
  • If you would like to keep the same level of service ADTRAV can help you book additional tickets at the Volvo rate
Can I use points for air?

Points cannot be used to make air purchases through ADTRAV. You can use points to upgrade seats that ADTRAV purchases on your behalf. You will need to check with your air program to make sure your points would apply to this type of upgrade.